Doyle Sails is recognised as a world leader in sailmaking through practical on the water experience combined with one of the largest investments in the industry for ongoing R&D and product development.

Our commitment to our customers means that even for the offshore sailor or one design champion we are seen around the world on leading yachts. The ability to offer some of the world’s top sailors is two fold - we offer the experience of winning combinations as well as learning what makes for the best option and the fastest sail in the real world.

Doyle Sails takes great pride in the sails we make for our local market. Some of the most successful yachts on the local racing scene choose Doyle as their sail supplier – and for good reason. Doyle Sails has an unequalled record when it comes to racing results and value for money, with a backup support service that is second to none. If you think you’re not getting the support you deserve from your current sailmaker, give one of our experienced consultants a call and find out what you’ve been missing.

credit Cleo Barnham

Hugo Boss - Credit Cleo Barnham

Over the years Doyle have amassed an impressive race winning record and have supplied sails to notable yachts such as J-Class Velsheda, Ragamuffin, Bella Mente, Shockwave, Invisible Hand, Chinese Whisper, Leopard 3, Proteus, Team Maverick and more.

credit Ian Mainsbridge

Wild Rose - Credit Ian Mainsbridge

Grand Prix Racing

Doyle Sails is a leading force world wide in Grand Prix race sails, with both Working sails and Downwind specialist sails. A hugely experienced team, including Richard Bouzaid and Mike Sanderson has allowed us to enhance and refine our award-winning and results driven product portfolio.

Over the years Doyle have amassed an impressive race winning record and have supplied sails to notable yachts such as J-class Velsheda, Ragamuffin, Bella Mente, Shockwave, Invisible Hand, Secret Men's Business, Leopard 3 and more.

Extensive testing on the water and in the Auckland University wind tunnel has allowed us to develop sail shapes and crossovers perfected for the individual custom grand prix yacht. This combined with our inhouse design program offers unrivaled performance.

Club Racing

The four principle reasons you should choose Doyle over other sailmakers for your club race needs are;

Quality - continually high standards of workmanship

Performance - our continuous innovation and technology advances makes our sails perform at the top of the fleet

People - We have some of the most experienced staff in the business

Cost - Because we make the product from start to finish we have considerable cost advantages.

stratis GPX

Stratis GPX delivers the ultimate in sail performance through reliable shape retention and light weight laminates.

Stratis GPX laminates can be specified with double films for ultimate performance or a single film and taffeta for slightly better durability with minimal weight gain.

GPX uses combinations of high performance Kevlar and/or carbon fibre as the primary load bearing yarns. These fibres, mixed with specialist resins, produce sails with a combination or durability, high performance and weight saving.

As well as carbon fibre and Kevlar, a combination of Twaron, Technora and PEN can also used in the construction of a Stratis GPX laminate sail.

For more detailed information on the Stratis GPX range, visit the Stratis website.

Credit Suellen Davies

Menace - Credit Cleo Suellen Davies

stratis ICE

Following years of development and beta testing on more than 100 yachts – including Team Korea, Secret Men’s Business, Hugo Boss, Sanya and Wally 107 Kenora – with outstanding results, the innovative Stratis ICE was officially launched to market in August 2013.

ICE is an entirely new and unique UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene) fibre, developed by the Doyle Stratis team following market demand for a creep free and highly durable sail membrane. Exclusively licenced to Doyle for marine use, it exhibits similar properties to high modulus carbon, and is a derivative of Spectra.

ICE provides weight reductions and elongation numbers equivalent to a sail made with 100 per cent standard modulus carbon, but without the durability issues that come with high carbon content laminates.

Results for ICE have shown the highest resistance to flex fatigue of any sail product, with ICE sails retaining their initial shape and speed longer than any other sail membrane. This allows the Doyle design team to engineer sails much closer to their work load, and avoid over-engineering them in anticipation of future flex fatigue. Overall this makes ICE the first realistic alternative to carbon in performance racing sails.

Low Creep

ICE has the highest creep resistance of all UHMWPE sails: half that of a Dyneema SK78 product.

  • Lightest sail for given strength when blended with carbon
  • Specific gravity of just 0.97, almost half of carbon fibre’s 1.8
  • Easy to handle
High Strength

ICE’s initial strength is comparable to higher strength para-aramids. However, real benefits are shown after repeated flex, where ICE hardly loses any strength in comparison to others like carbon, Kevlar and Twaron which fail.

High Modulus

ICE has a modulus comparable to standard modulus carbon fibre. On a weight-for-weight basis, is higher than almost all other UHMWPE and aramid fibres. It will retain that modulus even after extended mechanical fatigue.

Low Crimp

Due to the fibre construction and unique manufacturing process of Stratis, ICE fibre is laid with zero crimp, meaning that the “apparent modulus” of the fibre is 10 to 15 per cent higher than standard modulus carbon.

Example of ICE combined with Doyle’s Ultra-Lite Taffetta, to create a light and durable sail

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